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[안내] PMI의 REP제도 변경연기 안내드립니다.





PMI의 REP제도 관련하여 안내드립니다.


2020년 7월 1일 변경예정이었던 PMI의 REP제도의 경우 연말까지 변경없이 진행된다고 재발표되었습니다.

아래 PMI공지내용 본문 함께 올려드립니다.






PMI is committed to the safety and well-being of our global community.
Our Crisis Task Force is monitoring the situation arising from coronavirus (COVID-19) daily.
We know this has been a challenging time for all. We are taking additional steps to
ensure the safety of our customers, as well as meet their needs. As a result,
we made the following important decisions:


? Extending the current PMP® exam to 31 December 2020 and delaying the
  launch of the new PMP exam until 2 January 2021
? Automatically extending all candidates’ exam eligibility
  (for all certifications - not just the PMP) through 18 January 2021
? Delaying the opening of our Authorized Training Partner program application,
  originally scheduled for 19 March 2020


This is the first change we are making to the Authorized Training Partner program timeline,
with more to follow. Our team is working diligently to confirm a new timeline
and will share more as we finalize next steps. We are grateful for your understanding
and patience as we work out the logistics.
In the meantime, please bookmark our COVID-19 Update Page as it has helpful
information for you and your students regarding exam cancellations and timelines.
And please, continue to check the R.E.P. Resource Center for updates and new timelines.
As we all navigate this challenging time, please know we are committed to you
and your students’ health and well-being. Please contact REPsupport@pmi.org with
your questions.
Stay well,
Joe Cahill
Chief Operating Officer






REP제도 변경이 연기되어 변경사항 없이 진행되오니 참고해주시기 바랍니다.





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